What Is Network Marketing In The Digital World?

What Is Network Marketing In The Digital World?

What Is Network Marketing In The Digital World?

So you have started your brand. 

Well, congratulations on surviving all the scrutiny of the society and those relatives and friends who have told you, or rather warned you, about the fluctuating economy and the road of sleepless nights that you have enrolled yourself into. 

No, no! Don’t worry. I’m not here to warn you, tell you about the hardships, or give you any lecture on the economy of our nation. I’m here to tell you about the very well-known form of marketing called Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Pyramid Marketing and how you can incorporate these methods of marketing in digital marketing to promote your brand. 

So let’s dive in! 

What Is Network Marketing? 

We all have encountered that one person at one party or another who tells us about this new product that they have been using and they claim it to be the best brand ever! 

This is the most cliche yet well-known way of the esteemed network marketing.

So, network marketing is a form of marketing where person-to-person sales is done by expanding the network of your contacts. Network marketing is known by different names like multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, pyramid marketing, affiliate marketing and so on. The blueprint to Network marketing is urging people to sell, buy and create a further network for sales. The salespeople who work on selling these products also get a commission on the deals. 

How Does Network Marketing Really Work? 

What creates the pyramid structure or the multi-level structure in network marketing is that the sales done by the network created by the salesperson enables the salesperson in getting a further commission. This is not a traditional way of marketing in which a distributor, retailer or so on sells the company’s products. The companies who mostly sell financial or everyday use or FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products or services use Network marketing to promote their brand or for sales purposes. 

You must be wondering that if this is a form of marketing that involves person-to-person sales, then where or how does digital marketing or the incorporation of social media platforms come into play in network marketing. 

Simply speaking it’s in the part where I said, “create a further network for sales”. 

Still confused? 

Let’s cut the chase and come to the point as you answer a simple question. 

Tell me a better way to create and expand a sales network than using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on! 

What Is Digital Network Marketing? The Role Of Social Media Platforms In Expanding Your Sales Network 

Digital marketing is the quickest way to promote a business and make a brand name in the market. Digital Network Marketing, as the name suggests, is a method of integrating social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, in network marketing to improve a brand’s presence in the market. 

What I mean by “integrating social media platforms” is instead of going from person to person to pitch your product you can do the same while sitting at your home or office with a single post that is customer-oriented or a bunch of emails and so on. 

One of the major advantages of using social media platforms or digital marketing as a mode of network marketing is that it is extremely cost-efficient and saves time too. Various features on the social media platform like Instagram Reels, Facebook Ads, YouTube paid ads and so on can help you to pitch your product and expand your sales network to hundreds and thousands of people at the same time. Using digital marketing methods is a promising path for network marketing and can help you get your potential customers and for business expansion. Implementation of your business in the digital world can not only help you to make your business or sales easier but also assist to expand it while being in one place. 

What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Network Marketing? 

Though both forms of marketing have a similar line of action, there are some major differences between network marketing and digital marketing. Let’s brush through these. 

  • The Nature Of Marketing – Where digital marketing is adaptive and can be easily used by companies of various scales, network marketing vastly depends on the time and efforts that the company can put in and the business objectives of the company. 
  • Size Of Manpower – Digital marketing requires less manpower as compared to network marketing. 
  • Push vs Pull Marketing Strategy – Where in digital marketing you try to get the attention of the customers making more of a Pull marketing strategy, in network marketing you try to reach the customers to sell your products which makes it more of a Push marketing strategy. 
  • Investment Of Time And Effort – Digital marketing efforts produce quick and on-time results. On the other hand, network marketing is all about patience. To grow the business, it takes time and efforts from the sales team. 
  • Need Of Human Contact – This issue plays a major role in today’s scenario, where it’s best for us to avoid human contact. Digital marketing doesn’t require any human contact but network marketing is based on person-to-person sales which needs human contact. 
  • Marketing Skills – It is required to learn digital marketing skills for a person to execute digital marketing activities. All that’s required for network marketing is that you have to learn about the brand’s products or services and a good sales network. 
  • Budget – Digital marketing campaigns can be customised according to your marketing budget but network marketing cannot be easily customized. A good team of salespeople is required to increase the network. 
  • Flexibility In Workflow – Digital marketing campaigns are all about flexible execution of campaigns where you can change or stop the plan midway if expected results are not achieved. A network marketing plan is more rigid and difficult to change or stop once it is started. 
  • Supply Chain – There is no requirement for a supply chain in digital marketing. Here you can demonstrate the product or service through online videos or brochures, content material and so on. Network marketing depends vastly on the supply chain of products. You need to have the product in place to demonstrate the product or services to the customers to sell it. 

To sum it up, Digital Network Marketing is a rising and critical marketing strategy that can be deployed by companies to increase their brand value. The fusion of digital marketing and network marketing, that is digital network marketing, can work wonders for your brand and can determine the future of your overall brand strategy by upscaling your brand name in the market. So choose wisely. 

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