Marketing via videos is the No.1 social media strategy

Marketing via videos is the No.1 social media strategy

Marketing via videos is the No.1 social media strategy

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the new go-to option for social media marketers and businesses in order to boost brand awareness and gain potential customers. Video marketing is highly-engaging and known to improve customer retention.

Why do brands need to use video marketing?

Video marketing is one of the latest trends in the social ecosystem. It is no longer an unusual content strategy. Video marketing is already in the market, and it is an increasingly effective way to communicate one’s brand story. It not only will help a brand explain their work ethics and values, but build relationships with their consumers and prospects.

Here are some statistics to further substantiate the increasing importance of using video marketing –

1. 87% of businesses confirm that video marketing has increased the traffic to their website.

2. It is 53 times more likely for a video to show up on page one of Google than a text article.

3. 54% of people prefer to see more video content than textual content from marketers.

4. 95% of online shoppers have acknowledged that product videos help them to decide.

5. Video marketing is used as a tool by 85% of businesses.

6. 73% of consumers around the globe prefer to see “entertaining” videos on their social media platforms.

7. Video was the #1 form of media used in content strategy in 2019, surpassing blogs and info-graphics.

Is Video Marketing possible in a Limited Budget? Yes!

Can businesses with a limited budget embrace video marketing campaigns? The good news is, YES they can! Video marketing can also happen on a lesser scale with a limited budget.

Video marketing may seem to be quite an expensive and complex affair. But the fact is one can create a quality video on their very own smartphone. This technology has equipped individuals with so many apps accessible in App Stores that one can use them to create short, striking and high-quality videos. Moreover, one doesn’t need a large marketing budget for organizing Stories and user-generated videos. For example, Instagram is just a collection of pictures that is also used as a business platform. Also, there are social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that businesses can use to boost brand awareness and increase engagement.

We at BESI can make  videos for you in a limited budget
Make videos in a limited budget

Here we are going to discuss a few video marketing strategies that brands, businesses and social media influencer’s can employ to improve their brand visibility, business revenue, customer retention and engagement.

1. Invest in Sponsored Video Ads on Social Platforms

Social Media platforms are a powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses. In today’s fast-paced life, all businesses need to have an active presence on social media to drive brand awareness and boost customer retention and sales. With numerous companies joining various social media platforms the competition in the social ecosystem has taken a huge leap. Thus, a brand on any social media platform is not just contending with its competitors but with all businesses and brands that are levying for the attention of the social media users and audience.

This is where paid ads come to use. Leveraging paid ads is one of the best ways for brands and businesses to be heard in this crowded and competitive social sphere.

For best results in the paid ads segment, it’s best to consult with a Digital marketing Agency. They will not only suggest video ideas but help in getting maximum views at lowest costs.

Practice Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms
Practice Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

At BESI Marketing Solutions we always suggest to our clients to keep the videos brief, relevant, to include a great value offer. Last but not the least a video should include substantial call-to-action in order to have an effective advertisement campaign.

2. Promote and Utilize User-Generated Videos

One of the best ways to market one’s brand and business is by utilizing user-generated content. Brands and businesses can hold contests and quizzes on their social media platforms. They can ask consumers to send videos using their company’s product as a part of this contest and publish the video of the winner of the contest on their website homepage and other social media platforms. The winning video will not only encourage engagement between the brand and the audience but also act as a video testimonial for the company.

At BESI Marketing solutions we believe, customer-generated videos allow brands to build better consumer relationships. Posting videos from one’s customer, humanizes the business and appeals more to the audience.

Moreover, this marketing tactic to utilize user-generated videos encourage confidence in prospective customers and empowers the current consumers to be the brands’ advocates.

At BESI Marketing solutions we believe in using Utilize user-generated videos
Utilize user-generated videos

Another strategy we suggest is that brands can ask their consumers to send unboxing videos. Unboxing videos create a sense of anticipation amongst viewers. Viewing such videos will encourage potential customers to buy those products

3. Engage the Followers with Personalized Short Videos

Using personalized short videos is a form of personalized marketing. We are all promptly aware of the fact that social media platforms are a two-way lane. Therefore, it should not be only used for promoting products or services. Brands and businesses should also use these platforms to humanize and engage with their social followers.

Most brands and businesses engage with their social followers in text format. Here one can think differently and take the route of sending the consumers personalized videos.

Practice the use of Personalized Videos
Practice the use of Personalized Videos

We believe that Personalized videos can help brands to build connections with their audience like no other marketing format. The personal touch humanizes the brands and makes the consumers feel special.

We hope the above information will help marketers to understand more about the concept and importance of video marketing and that brands and businesses can utilize the above-mentioned strategies to employ video marketing for their growth in the market.