Spread positivity through your content during this COVID-19 crisis

Spread positivity through your content during this COVID-19 crisis

Spread positivity through your content during this COVID-19 crisis

The global pandemic had led to distress and uncertainty among people. Efforts are being done to handle the same, to minimize the effect of the same on people.

There is one way all Digital Marketers can contribute too. Yes, you heard it right. You can use your power tool – ‘CONTENT‘ to bring about a positive impact. Try that every piece of content writing that you publish on your website or blog spread positivity. For a marketer, this is a very crucial time. As a marketer, your job has always been to convince people to buy your product/service. Today the Job needs you to do more. It needs you to make an impact – convey to people that you as in the brand is there with them. The best way to do that is by using the right content.  

In these times the best way to build an audience is by making an emotional connection with them. Share relevant and updated content with them. This will keep them wanting to read what you publish and share and save your content and best of it, keep coming back for more.

All this is about building brand loyalty.

The following are a few ways to make a positive impact on the audience.

Hold an upbeat tone.

People want to read something useful that can help them and can make their lives better or cheerful in these challenging times. Simply speaking, acknowledge the difficulty of the situation and then focus on some actual positive aspects is one way to move ahead. The best way to make a positive impact with your content writing is to write what interests your readers. You cannot glorify the crisis, but your small effort of making the readers look at the bright side can help them to look forward to a better future and to consider and be thankful for the opportunities that are available to them.

Tell a Tale of Positivity and Selflessness.

Amidst the darkness of the current situation, you need to show people the ray of hope through your content. Besides the medical staff and the government officials, common individuals are emerging as heroes who are going out of their way to help people who are in need.

Stories have always attracted people on a greater level. So craft your content with an ethical tone to narrate stories of people, groups and organizations who are helping people during this grave crisis. This would not just spread hope and positivity among the masses but will also promote the brands and bring some credit and support to the individuals.

Empathize with your audience.

Compassion and empathy are the driving forces in advertisement and ensure that brands remain in a positive light. Businesses should be considerate and strive to be a resource for their employees, consumers, and other key stakeholders. Brands will have to take a compassionate approach towards advertisement to ensure long-term consumer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty.

What to avoid?

Avoid glorifying the situation and never provide false information.

In temptation to gain more views and responses by spicing up the content with some minor false information is common. But you can not be a victim of that temptation! Besides being unethical, providing false information is also a crime. So, do not overlook the realities and try to serve what’s expected, with facts and ethics.