Social Media Advertising in the time of Quarantine

Social Media Advertising in the time of Quarantine

Social Media Advertising in the time of Quarantine

In the current situation of Lockdown where we have been succumbed to compromise on our social life and instructed to stay at home, social media has emerged to be our only rescue! In fact, according to ComScore, the number of minutes spent by readers on news sites has increased by 46% in the same period last year. The trends are taking hold right now, and with many businesses still looking for ways to stay connected with their communities, and maximize their revenue potential, despite the restrictive conditions, this is important to note.

Our interaction with people over social sites and getting across new content and information has also increased over the past week. Surely, this new information that we are gathering now won’t just last till the quarantine period but will tag along with us and impact our daily life after this too. And this brings us to digital advertising.

Digital advertisements have always attracted people on a greater level than the old door-to-door or newspaper ones. According to Bloomberg News Analysis, India is a very young country with half of its population under the age of 25 and two-thirds of the population less than 35. And this generation is too active to go for the traditional methods. Whenever we want some information, we search for it online and in the process come across new brands, endorsements, and other information.

On a note, Facebook says its apps have experienced a 70-percent increase in time spent using the services, since the call of quarantine. Facebook Live and Instagram views are up, people are making far more group calls than before, and messaging rates have skyrocketed. Also, with the advent of these forced lockdowns, the audience on YouTube has taken a huge leap, therefore, making it more substantial for companies to come up with new content to create leads and attract the audience on YouTube.

So, in this digital world, especially now when most of the population is always online, grasping new information and trends, it’s the absolute best time for companies and brands to reach out to a larger population and gain a larger audience. With some quality content and good online marketing skills, companies can see a soar in their business like never! And what’s the best way to handle digital marketing than to hire an advertisement firm?

Here comes the role of our company, BESI Marketing Solutions!

We offer the best digital marketing strategies and support that a client can ask for. And our business does not limit to just producing and delivering content; we get up close with our client and the audience and do our best to gain their trust by providing genuine service.

What can we do differently to help you gain a genuine audience?

Communication matters!

Well, it’s only humane and sensible to not focus on just sales right now. During such a time of crisis, it’s important that we stay genuine and build up communication between us and our audience. We at BESI will help to build up this communication between you and your audience.

It’s not the time for gimmicks!

Adopting gimmicks at such times to gain sales and promote your brand can only earn you scorns and smirks. Being sensible and helpful goes a long way! And we can help you to do that. We can help you to maintain and promote your brand presence without being desperate or insensitive and without exploiting the situation of quarantine!

Providing relevant content!

As much as we say that we are tired of hearing about the COVID-19 news, we can’t deny that at the end of the day we are all desperate to know more about it, including what’s really true, what are just rumours and every current update on it! And here we can help you to show your presence by providing this relevant information and not be just another sales model who just cares about their brand promotion!

Visuals matter.

During this pandemic situation, if you post a picture of kids playing outside, would it be sensible or logical?

The answer is NO!

The first thing that attracts the audience in a post, is the visuals. A wrong visual content can take away their focus from the message that you are trying to convey and so you will lose their interest. We can help you to be relevant and connectable, and thus gain more audience.

Up close and personal!

The best thing that a company can do for the masses now provides and help. We can help you to reach out to the masses and let them know how your brand can help them and what measures you have taken to fight against this situation. This will give your audience an insight into your thought process and make them connect with you on a better level.

Staying positive.

The last but most important thing that we need to remember is to be positive! In this time of uncertainty, people search for positivity and reassurance; anything that can provide them with some insight and bring peace to their minds. We can help you to build up that positive image, by providing genuine content and facts, and not be a site that just alarms people and causes havoc.

Several online services have seen a massive increase in traffic as many people turn to digital services to keep the world running. Many schools and companies have ordered their students and employees to work from home, helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus, resulting in a huge increase in traffic from video streaming services.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention; and during this time of lockdown when the business will naturally take the downhill slope, we have to go out of our ways and think of something innovative to give it the push it needs to surge its way up, and digital marketing can be the mode of that push! This is the time for companies to show their presence and relevance to the masses and gain exposure and audience, who can be potential customers and BESI can be your perfect choice to assist you to utilize this opportunity, with sensitivity.