6 Tactics to Boost Your Organic Reach On Facebook

6 Tactics to Boost Your Organic Reach On Facebook

6 Tactics to Boost Your Organic Reach On Facebook

As the clutter of people using social media platforms for business has increased, it has become way more difficult to get organic reach like in the past. The increase in the use of sponsored and paid content is adding fuel to the fire of this clutter. 

On average, only 10 percent of your followers get to see your Facebook post

With over 4.66 billion active users on social media platforms, social media reach is still massive. But reaching this massive audience is just getting harder. 

So how exactly can you reach your audience without PPC? That’s what we’ll cover in this blog. 

Get aboard! 

What Is Facebook Organic Reach?

The reach of your content without paid distribution makes up the organic reach. People who see your posts in their own feed or because of their friends’ interaction with you are included in the numbers. 

Although good engagement is said to increase your content’s reach — with the number of reactions, comments, or shares of your post, it does not account for an increase in organic reach.  

Why Should The Declining Facebook Organic Reach Concern You? 

There are several factors that make organic reach so important – 

  1. More Organic Conversions And Leads 

Lead generation is one of the most important things you can do for your business by using social media platforms. 

Besides building brand awareness, it is the linchpin to make a digital marketing campaign successful. 

When you attract and funnel potential buyers into your sales funnel organically, it saves you from external costs; besides time and effort.

Your increase in organic reach will also improve your lead generation and conversion funnels.

  1. Reduction In CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Of Paid Campaigns 

The average Cost-Per-Click for ads can be reduced to nominal values by mastering the other variables. 

It’s very easy to spend a fortune on Facebook ads but end up with no returns. 

This means that organic reach is critical to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and to stretch your advertising budget.

  1. Use The Under-Utilized And New Facebook Features

From Facebook options being pretty much posts, videos, and ads, we have reached a point where there are so many under-utilized and new features like Facebook Reels, Facebook Stories, Facebook Groups, Facebook Watch and Facebook Live. 

6 Tactics To Boost Your Organic Reach On Facebook 

I don’t recommend every industry to implement all of these tactics in one go. Instead, I would suggest you look at your data, analyze your scope of improvements, then utilize the tactics as they suit your need. 

Experiment, Implement, Analyze, And use what works best for you. 

1. Increase Your Social Media Presence And Authority

Though organic reach varies inversely with the size of your audience (organic reach decreases with the increase of audience), the benefits of having a large presence still outbalance it. 

Growing your presence on social media platforms is not just about increasing your page likes. The number of likes on your page has no value if it doesn’t result in conversions. 

The budget behind paid content can go the bin if it’s just a one-time thing. The engagement has to be consistent and you need to hold the authority to bring forth that engagement.

How to increase engagement? 

Target your ideal audience to Tour Facebook Page

The random audience doesn’t hold much value – They don’t engage and they don’t have a positive influence on your marketing campaigns.

What can you do to build a targeted audience?

Have a Strong Brand Presence

Concentrate your brand presence and make it powerful. 

You need to build a brand image that sticks in the minds of the audience. So post constantly, reinforce your message, and be consistent.

2. Publish Evergreen Content To Drive Organic Reach On Facebook

Be strategic with your social media content! 

We have already discussed the importance of creativity in website content in my previous blogs. 

Specifically evergreen content is the most powerful tool to generate revenue or drive traffic to your Facebook page. 

More than Google’s ranking factor,  timeless content work wonders for your audience for longer periods and boost engagement n your post. 

Some examples of evergreen content – 

  • Testimonial 
  • Interviews
  • “How To” posts 
  • Q & A’s 
  • Company mentions 
  • Industry news

Tips for creating posts that bring in organic engagement on Facebook – 

  • Good visuals 
  • Avoid being too formal 
  • Keep it short 
  • Ask questions 
  • Have a human approach 
  • Use a clear call to action

3. Organic Post Targeting

Facebook Ads aren’t the only thing you can target. 

Organic posts can also be targeted to make sure that they reach the feeds of the right people. 

By organic post targeting, you can cater your post to relevant audiences based on their age and location, which is a fantastic way to boost your organic reach on Facebook.

4. Cater Content That Matches The Taste Of Your Audience

Though visuals never lose the attraction value, I would recommend brands and businesses to post all types of updates. Every post that adds value for your customers, be it images, links, Facebook Lives, Facebook Stories, or even Facebook Watch videos. 

Don’t typecast yourself into a specific content form on Facebook just because it is (currently) performing better. Facebook, just like Google, updates its algorithm regularly. So don’t refrain from experimenting.

Find the type of posts that resonate with your audience by analyzing your data from Facebook Insights. You can also ask your audience their preference via questions or polls. 

The results might surprise you! Test new features when they are released. 

For example, Facebook Watch drove traffic in tons when it was first released but it’s still not that popular among a lot of marketers!

5. Practice Video Marketing On Facebook

Video marketing has taken an uphill route in recent years. 

We have already discussed the growing importance of video marketing in a previous blog, and it stands true for Facebook too. 

With over 1.25 billion users monthly, Facebook Watch views have already proved the point. 

Social media marketers have started using more video blog posts and other video posts as recently Facebook tends to favour video updates – with native videos as one of the strongest performers.

Along with being high quality from the first frame, it’s important for the video to capture the attention of the audience, even without sound. 

You can include a CTA (call-to-action) to visit your website or any destination, to bring in more engagement or conversions. You can boost the video and use the Ad CTA buttons of Facebook or include the option in the final frame. 

But, should you upload the videos directly on Facebook or can you use embed videos from YouTube?

Facebook favours native uploads. This also stands true for videos as Facebook gives 2nd hand treatment to embedded videos from YouTube or any other third party. 

As a brand, you can use native videos for product launches, Q&A’s, and other purposes. But otherwise, using embedded videos isn’t a bad choice. 

6. Posting Frequency On Facebook

Posting on Facebook? How often should you do that? Well, it varies. 

For the average brand, posting 20 times a day isn’t realistic. When you post too often, your engagement actually decreases. Depending on your number of followers, keeping 1-3 posts a day is more than enough. 

A few points to keep in mind on the posting frequency for social media marketing on Facebook – 

Avoid overwhelming your audience by hoarding posts in their feeds. Refrain from posting more than one to three times a day depending on your number of followers.

Post at different times in case you have an international audience to organically reach out to different segments of your Facebook audience. 

Post high-quality and versatile content. Use humorous, educational, and inspirational content to engage your audience. 

There is no doubt about how good a marketing platform Facebook is. 

With millions of active businesses joining every year on Facebook, reaching the customers organically is even more important. 

So as a brand and business you need to up your game and look for ways to create budget-friendly market strategies. 

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