Managing Work From Home in the time of COVID-19

Managing Work From Home in the time of COVID-19

In the last few days, many companies have rolled out a work from home policy to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Work from home is not a new concept. World across many companies, mostly IT based, provide the said facility to their employees. So those who were adept with the same were able to make this transformation with ease. For the rest, however it has not been an easy journey.

The biggest problem here was the “lockdown” which was something, no one has anticipated they would face ever in their lifetimes. “Work from home” was an add on to their list of “this is the first time I’m doing this”.

Work from home although sounds amazing on the outside, but it has its challenges as well.

To name a few:

•          Distractions at home

•          Lack of co-ordination.

•          Lack of face to face interaction

•          Problem in accessing information.

•          A good internet connection

Communication and coordination are the major requirements for efficient functioning while working from home. So here are few tools and applications that you can use to establish better and easier working conditions and thus, get a better result for the work done.

Let’s start with some tools that you might not be familiar with-

Skype for Business:

It is widely used by all sorts of businesses all over the world for effective communication with their employees, in-office and remote, via video chat, instant messaging, voice calling and so on. Especially, Skype for Business allows up to 250 people on a single meeting or conference call. This makes it better for one-to-many presentations such as webinars, and full company meetings where you have more than 20 people, which cannot be done on Skype alone.


Slack is a communication management app that works very well for remote work. It gives you the facility to create team channels for every department, and send direct messages. It lets you drag-and-drop files, pin documents for quick reference, and bookmark messages. The best feature of this app is that it cuts down on internal emails since it’s quicker, more efficient, and more user-friendly.


It is a group calling app with amazing video quality and is known for its ease to use, affordability and straightforward pricing. Zoom allows you to record any call with a full-length video during remote Meetings & Video Chats. You can share your screen with teams for combined discussions. Other zoom solutions that can help in the smooth functioning of your business include, video webinar, meetings, Zoom room, business IM, and voice sharing.

Workplace by Facebook:

It is a platform associated with Facebook, that encourages collaboration by making it fun and engaging along with being user-friendly. features like chat, video calls, posts, groups and it’s smooth functioning with the business tools you already use, Workplace by Facebook has gained it’s own fan-base in the business world.

Microsoft Teams:

It is a collaboration tool that is chat-based and provides global, remote, and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. It is popular for its features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat, etc.


It brings the best scheduling features together and helps to create a more productive and better-organized team. It offers features like simple click and drags task assignment, live updates, project budgets, schedule time off and public holidays, project milestones, etc, which makes scheduling and organizing easier.

Next in our requirement list comes a good internet connection, because, let’s face it, none of these online modes of connection will be efficient enough to work with, without a good internet connection! There is nothing more exasperating than the buffering sign. So, a good broadband connection and any backup prove to be essential for working while at home.

And when nothing seems to work for us, the only silver lining comes in the face of the normal phone calls! Yes, we resort to calling the person just to inform them about certain work or if they aren’t online or are not responding due to any reason. So don’t hesitate to communicate if you want your work to be done and believe me, it would rather make your work a lot easy!

Hope you have gained some insight into the culture of working from home and get to implement any of these in your routine. Finally, work is important and so is your health. Stay safe and don’t let this pandemic affect your efficiency or health in anyway.