Instagram Reels – A sure shot way to improve engagement

Instagram Reels – A sure shot way to improve engagement

Instagram Reels – A sure shot way to improve engagement

Wondering how to improve your engagement on Instagram? Have you tried using Instagram Reels for your business yet?

It’s time for some practical tips! In this blog, you’ll discover some hands-on strategies to improve Instagram engagement with Reels.

Instagram Reels is the perfect place for brands to interact with their audience, increase engagement & be a bit more personal.

The Tell-Tale Saga Of IGTV, Stories And Reels!

When it comes to the content that works best on Instagram Reels, the simple answer is IGTV, Stories And Reels! 

Why do Reels work the best? 

Because they are more visible, short and to-the-point. 

What content performs better on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is the perfect place for brands to interact with their audience and be a bit more personal. You can share fun, behind-the-scenes peeks into your brand, as well as casual glimpses at your products or services. With the casual format of Reels video or in presenting live videos there is no pressure of producing and editing the videos.

The one drawback of Instagram Stories is that they are temporary and expire after a fixed period of time. Yes, you can add a string of temporary videos as your Instagram Stories but that’s all. And on IGTV you can edit and upload long-form videos which look more professional. Whereas on Instagram reels you upload short videos that stay on your profile just like normal posts. 

Perk – Instagram Reels can be presented as a series but each short video presents itself as a solo in the feed. 

Follow these tips to improve Instagram engagement with Reels – 

1. Use Editing Tools in Your Reels To Create Content

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Instagram recommends you to use editing tools, AR effects, visual effects and music to pop up your videos and Reels. When you use a newly released Instagram feature or the tools related to that feature, they boost your exposure. 

Try to record, edit and add visual effects to your Instagram Reels from the tools in the app instead of uploading a video you’ve recorded elsewhere to maximize your reach. 

Native looking Instagram Reels work the best. Moreover, repurposing a video recorded for some different social media platform or channel isn’t going to give the same effect as a native reel. 

According to an Instagram survey, Instagram reels that had been repurposed looks blurry and hamper the overall user experience. It is also important to note that Instagram no longer pushes reels with watermark from another social media platform out into the Explorer feeds. So, either don’t leave a watermark on your reels or record them on Instagram itself and keep your Instagram Reels as native as possible. 

2. 15 Seconds Is All You Have Got! 

The first few seconds of your Instagram Reel play an important part in pulling your audience in. You have to say or do something in the first few seconds that stops the viewer from scrolling down and gets them to watch your reel. Anything from a sticker to your words or a flashing piece of text has to be engaging enough to catch their attention instantly. 

Tip – Use timeless music, strobe light effect or any other attractive visual effect, interesting stance or movements or direct texts to appeal to your audience and make them go through the length of your Instagram Reel.

3. Oomph Up Your Instagram Reels With Hashtags 

I recommend using hashtags in your Instagram Reels rather than using them in the comments. Why so? It’s because when you add hashtags in the Instagram Reel you increase the probability of it coming up when people search that hashtag. Remember to always choose hashtags that make sense with your Reel and not anything random. You can still add some tags in the comments – up to 30 hashtags to be specific! 

4. Keep Viewers Engaged With Creative Edits and Transitions in Your Instagram Reels 

Keep Viewers Engaged With Creative Edits and Transitions in Your Reels

Creativity is always appreciated, especially in Instagram Reels. You think 15 seconds is too short and people will watch your reel anyway? Studies have shown that the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds. I guess you can do the rest of the deduction.  So to keep your viewers engaged for the entire 15 seconds of your Instagram Reel you can add some edits, AR Effects and creative transitions and make your Reel as interesting as possible. 

Tip – Use edits to reposition your camera position, zoom in on the subject of your reel, record at different angles, use tricky transitions like melting away with the screen and so on. Just let your creativity unfurl and keep on posting.

5. Use Instagram Reels To Leverage Q&As

Wondering about the content of your Instagram Reels? Use Q&As! 

  • End one of your Instagram Reels with a CTA for the viewers to leave more questions in the comments and use the ideas as the content for your next videos. 
  • Use a question from one of those comments to create your next reel. This will create a series of semi-related content and will keep the viewers coming back for more. Just keep on answering and getting more questions! 
  • Using CTA’s in Instagram Reels is a great way to direct the audience to your website where they can get more information. This will help you get more engagement via your Instagram content and even some potential customers. 
  • Instagram Reels are great to offer tips and advice on a variety of subjects. And once you give out any information, it’s best to direct your audience to where they can get more information, be it your brand website or any linked page. 

Tip – End your Instagram Reel with a CTA and direct your viewers to the description to get more information. Direct your CTA to your website, landing page, opt-in, or the next Instagram Reel. This can help you to garner more audience and even potential customers via Reels. 

6. Master Your Storytelling Act via IG Reels 

Put up a complete story in fifteen seconds. The time might seem inadequate, but you have to give your best shot and put up a complete story in that brief period. As one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, storytelling works great for Instagram Reels too. So frame your Instagram Reel in such a way that it tells a complete story.

7. Do Not Shy Away From Giving A Shout-Out To Your Community

Do Not Shy Away From Giving A Shout-Out To Your Community

Attention is rarely unwelcomed – especially from high-end brands that tend to seem unapproachable. People love being noticed. When you as a brand or an influencer give importance to or notice your consumers or audience, it makes them feel valued. And in return they engage more with your business or brand by sharing your posts, commenting on them, engaging in your Q&As and even influencing other potential consumers. Your attention to your valued consumers can help you build consumer loyalty, which is very important to stay relevant in the market in the long run. 

8. Conversations can’t be one-way streets

You need to respond to your audience commenting on your Instagram Reels. You need to give importance to your audience and keep the conversation going. 

As discussed in one of my previous blogs on using Instagram for marketing, it will become more difficult to keep track of all the comments and respond to them as your Instagram presence grows. But you can do the bare minimum whilst you have time. 

Tip – Including questions in your response to a comment from your audience boosts further engagement. 

9. Make Your Own Custom Reels Thumbnail 

Make Your Up From Custom Reels Thumbnail

Custom Reels thumbnails can be a great way to steer views from your Instagram Feed. On creating a new Instagram Reel, you will get to choose a thumbnail. Ideally, it’s a still shot displayed on your profile. You can design and edit a title template that will give your Instagram Reels a professional and branded look. 

Though the audience can’t view your reels in the Explore feed, custom thumbnails will make it easier for people viewing your Instagram profile to get a sense of your type of content and your brand values without having to scroll through all of your reels. 

Instagram pushes its newly released features into the feeds at a higher rate than its older features. Take Instagram Stories for example. Stories started getting far more reach when it was released than the Feed. Same with carousels. As of now, Instagram Reels is the latest feature. So using it in your social media marketing strategies to boost up your Instagram presence should be a must. 

So spend time trying on the different tools on Instagram Reels, experiment with your content and most importantly, post consistently and witness your Instagram presence blow up. 

If you need any assistance to improve Instagram engagement with Reels or with social media marketing or digital marketing, feel free to contact us at Besi Marketing Solutions. We provide compelling, innovative and market-friendly digital marketing services to give your brand the push it requires. 

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