How To Increase Your LinkedIn Business Page Followers

How To Increase Your LinkedIn Business Page Followers

How To Increase Your LinkedIn Business Page Followers

“How to increase LinkedIn business page followers” is probably one of the most probing questions in the minds of startups, small businesses and even brands that want to grow their authentic audience list. Increasing your LinkedIn business page followers is one of the most beneficial marketing objectives. It can lead to more robust audience insights and greater organic reach. Every marketer knows the importance of reaching out as brands and building a dedicated community and this has made LinkedIn one of the most sought after platforms to build a brand identity. 

Wondering about the most efficient ways to increase your LinkedIn business page followers? You are at the right place. Here is a definitive list of strategies that can help boost your LinkedIn follower growth. This includes tips for start-ups, small businesses and for brands that want to take their business pages to the next level.

Page check-up 

The basic rule of marketing – make sure you have all the data before analysing your marketing campaign. This also holds ground when you utilize social media platforms to promote your brand or business. So the first step before trying to bring in more followers is to your company’s LinkedIn Page is to make sure that it is complete and appealing to your target audience. 

Approximately 30% more views have been recorded for pages with complete information and with user-friendly content on the company’s LinkedIn Page. This also drives visiting audiences to click the “Follow” button and engage more with your content. 

Once you have cleared the base level, you can work to boost your follower count.

Let’s start with the start-ups and small-businesses – How To Get Initial Followers On Your LinkedIn Business Page

If you are a start-up or own a small business with dreams of reaching the top tier of the industry, you need to build a solid LinkedIn business page. Here are some strategies that can help you to build your LinkedIn Page’s follower count from a low number, or even from zero. 

However, even well-established brands with a noticeable follower count on their LinkedIn pages are encouraged to implement them. 

1. SEO For Your Page

We all know how important SEO is to make your business more discoverable for the target audience and therefore to build connections & improve sales. Make sure to follow the LinkedIn guidelines and optimize your LinkedIn business page to ensure your Page is discoverable on search engines. 

2. Promote Page Engagement With Your Employees

Encourage your team members to spread the word with friends and colleagues by sharing, liking and commenting on your business posts. This is an essential step, especially for new businesses or brand Pages, to get off the ground. 

Also, you can “Connect” with your employees as it prompts your page to the other connections of your employees. This is more suitable for small businesses or brands with less workforce. 

3. Add A LinkedIn Follow Button To Your Company Website

This is a simple way to lead your visitors on and convert them into potential customers. Adding a follow button can help to turn your website visitors into LinkedIn Page followers. 

Tip – You might include some messaging like, “Enjoyed our content? You’ll love the stuff we share on LinkedIn!” to compel action. 

4. Post On Your LinkedIn Page Consistently 

This is a mantra we preach to boost followers or engagement on any social media platform. Consistency matters and keeping a steady flow of fresh content on your LinkedIn Business Page will give it more visibility on member feeds and attract more followers. 

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5. Join The Trend With Hashtags

When you find a topical conversation blowing on the page, take the cue and join in. 

Remember The Big Bang Theory? Why was it easier for Penny or Howard to make new friends, unlike Raj or Sheldon? Simple. Just because they knew how to join any conversation and we’re open to taking the first step. 

Use some relevant hashtags in your LinkedIn posts to reach new and relevant communities with your content. Also, comment on others’ posts and share your thoughts. This makes your brand more visible to the community. 

6. Review Your Page Analytics And Adjust Your Content

Collect demographic information about your visitors, followers and engagement data for your updates from the Page admins. You can use these insights to Run Follower Ad Campaigns and figure out what’s resonating with your LinkedIn followers vs. what’s not and align your page content according to that.

7. Take The Lead With Videos And Visual Content

Visuals sell best. So ensure that your content mix includes plenty of eye-catching visuals and videos. Unique posts and videos, especially the short ones, tend to grab more attention on feeds, helping your LinkedIn business page and brand get noticed. 

Tip – Custom image collages on LinkedIn drive heightened levels of engagement. So you can upload a series of photos from your latest event or create a carousel themed post to gain more attention. 

Advanced tips for the seasoned members – How To Boost Followers On Your LinkedIn Business Page

Established a core following on LinkedIn? Now it’s time to grow! Here are some advanced strategies for how to increase your LinkedIn Business Page followers. These will help you to promote your business and solidify its LinkedIn community. 

Combine the aforesaid strategies with these and see your business bloom! 

1. Encourage Employee Participation In LinkedIn Groups

Conversations that are highly engaged between people who are passionate about niche topics are featured in the Groups feature. When these mini-communities are joined by your company’s subject matter experts, it can help create awareness for your business and demonstrate its awareness on key topics. 

A popular objective for brands advertising on LinkedIn is Page growth. Use the Follower Ad format to launch a Dynamic Ad campaign. You can tap into LinkedIn’s powerful targeting capabilities to gain highly relevant followers on your business page. 

2. Encourage LinkedIn Post Engagement

Engagement from members on your LinkedIn Page content, In ways such as reactions or comments, helps to push that content to a wider audience (often outside of your 1st tier following list). 

Encourage thoughtful and substantive comments on your LinkedIn Page posts with relatable and useful content. Also, try to build a better connection with the ones who comment by commenting back with something equally valuable. Threads with strong comment depth generally reap additional viral benefits.

3. Heard About Showcase Pages?

Are you aware of Showcase Pages? Do you use them to channelize your audience and give them a cleaner experience? If not, then start to create and maintain them. 

A Showcase Page is designed to highlight a specific business unit, sub-brand or initiative and is basically an affiliated extension of your company’s LinkedIn Page. You can develop multiple points of discovery and entry for your main business Page by creating showcase pages when warranted. 

Tip – Don’t overdo by creating Showcase Pages for every product or for several regions. This can dilute your LinkedIn presence. Utilize this feature for distinct verticals or business lines.

Take The Lead With An Organically Growing LinkedIn Page Following

A great LinkedIn Page with a large and engaged following is advantageous in numerous ways. There are always opportunities for growth and expansion. So take action and use our strategies to increase your LinkedIn business page followers. 

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