How To Create A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign – 7 Tips To Break Through Your Competition

How To Create A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign – 7 Tips To Break Through Your Competition

How To Create A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign – 7 Tips To Break Through Your Competition

Remember the Colgate advertisement asking random people about having salt in their toothpaste? Or the famous Amul girl featuring various trending incidents in a pun-tastic style? These are some marketing campaigns that garnered huge recognition to the brands and recall value by going viral. Brands are always in the search of that one grand break by creating a successful viral marketing campaign, and the process of trials and errors is always active. 

The sad reality is that even campaigns that are marketing gold don’t always get the buzz.

How To Create Buzz In The Market? 

You need the right balance.

Viral marketing strives on the balance of creativity, emotion and reach. Extremely creative content will not get proper reach if it doesn’t provoke the right emotions. These emotions can be thought-provoking, sensitive or humourous. On the same hand, a humorous piece of content won’t be contagious in the digital market if it isn’t creative enough. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can create a successful viral marketing campaign and share some tips to break through your competitors.

Viral Marketing In A Nut-Shell 

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We all are aware of how things go viral. Just like music to dance trends, one-liners or jingles used in some advertisements have also left their mark in our minds. This is the core of viral marketing. Any marketing technique that generates one-of-a-kind content that people like to share and relate with is viral marketing. Its lure is being cost-effective, building trust, and pushing online transactions & engagement to huge success and a high ROI.

Now, let’s look into some tested and proven tactics to help your marketing campaign become viral and timeless.

1. Make Your Brand Human & Leverage On Societal Discussions 

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Understanding your business model and your audience is the first step to the success of any digital marketing campaign. To make it in the long haul, you have to get both these factors straight. You need to recognize and relate with your potential customers so that they share your content. 

Identify their modes of communication and slip in with your content. Joining pre-existing group discussions to your advantage is a proven tactic. Just join in, create a strong persona with your posts and use the follow-up interactions and responses to up your game or plan your next marketing campaign. 

Always start with your target market. Identify your audience, the social media platforms they frequent, their modes of communication, and then serve what they like/can relate with.

2. Make Their Emotions Your Strength

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Content without emotions would never work among humans. The key ingredient for creating a successful viral marketing campaign lies in connecting with the audiences’ emotions. People are more prone to share content that they can relate to. Whether it makes them laugh, cry, or brighten their day, the content which provokes strong emotions is always appreciated. 

3. Leverage With Humor

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Humour sells better than anything. This is primarily because everyone loves to laugh and it’s an emotion most people easily relate with. Most of the content shared from e-commerce stores are GIFs, funny images and videos. One way to go viral is by showing the importance or need of your product or service and infusing humour in it. Generally, humour has a higher recall factor. 

But you need to be careful too. People can be sensitive and react to different jokes differently. So you have to pave your way on neutral grounds while planning to create a successful viral marketing campaign. 

4. Market Your Products And Product Pages

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Give importance to the visuals and content of your product pages while designing your e-commerce website. To know more about how creative your website should be, check out this link. 

One of the best ways to use product pages is to engage visitors with offers and gifts accessible only when they share your product on different social media platforms. This technique is often used in Instagram giveaways. 

You can add the product as a gift with an order or give a discount voucher on the purchase of a product to reduce abandoned carts and get customers to engage with your brand by sharing your products. 

5. Create What Sells & Exploit Social Currency 


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a strong emotion, especially in today’s digitally thriving world. Everyone wants to look cool and be a part of the social media curve – and this is a super weapon for marketers. Just come up with a piece of information/product/service that can boost the ego of your audience and they would feel smart to share it. Your e-commerce marketing strategy needs content, promotion on social media platforms and loads of engagement to go viral. 

To increase traffic, promote sales and create a long-term relevance in the digital market, you need to – 

  • Research keywords with both buyer intent and search demand
  • Reach out to high domain websites for backlinks and promotions 
  • Don’t shy from guest posting 
  • Be consistent in publishing content

6. Take A Stand – It Matters 

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One who manages to please everyone cannot have a real personality. Being a people pleaser doesn’t mean that you always have to stay neutral.  Leave the fence and start addressing sensitive topics. 

Take a stand for the things you believe in – in life and your digital marketing campaigns. Your marketing message will draw attention, whether positive or negative. But people will start talking about your brand and that’s the first step of going viral. Just try not to stand for issues that are clearly wrong, like violence or racism. 

7. Leverage Comments To Create Contagious Content

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Ask your customers for content. As simple as that. No, don’t directly go and ask something like “give me some ideas!” But do pay attention to their views and try to use their comments to create further content. 

The bottom line is, you are creating content for your audience. So interacting with them and getting their opinions to improve your digital marketing campaigns should be a regular practice. I’m not asking you to completely depend on them and stop using your brains. But you can always take an idea and be creative with it. Feature your customers, give them credit and make them feel important. This will not only help you to create a successful viral marketing campaign but also push organic engagement.

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The core of a successful viral marketing campaign lies in impressing your audience and creating a loyal fan base with consistent and creative content. Need help with that? Reach us out at Besi Marketing Solutions. We provide compelling, innovative and market-friendly digital marketing and digital network marketing services to help your brand go viral and give it the required push.