Digital Marketing plan post COVID-19

Digital Marketing plan post COVID-19

Digital Marketing plan post COVID-19

The Coronavirus crisis has critically affected the economy of the world and has forced various businesses to take a step back. It also has had a serious impact on Consumer Search Behavior and PPC performance. As a response to these changing conditions, while some companies have paused their advertisements, others have reduced or changed their marketing schedules to match the change in consumer behavior. Great opportunities will surface for the businesses that can hold steady now and can pursue a long-term marketing strategy.

Simply speaking, your marketing set-up before and during this crisis will not work well for your social media marketing after COVID-19. Businesses will have to rethink their marketing strategy, redesign their performance game plan, and experiment with their paid advertisements to create an impact. The teams responsible for digital marketing will have to alter their social media plans and campaign calendar to strategize and prepare for the re-launch phases.

Adjusting Strategies –

Hold Marketing Budgets –

With many businesses backing off from the field and cutting down their marketing budgets, your competition is not the same anymore. It’s advisable to not continue with the same automated bidding strategy and targets as you have been during COVID-19 but hold the marketing budget. Your goal should be to build brand power with a limited budget. You should review and adjust your manual and automated bidding strategies and monitor your marketing strategy religiously as the market will be volatile with abruptly changing conditions. To sum it up, focus your budgets on building your brand loyalty.

Search Analysis –

Your strategy for marketing post-COVID-19 should revolve around adapting and monitoring the search trends. You should develop a better purpose-driven and human-centric approach to the market. You have to understand what people are searching online and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Content and Ad Copy –

You must get rid of anything that might be insensitive. Your performance tactics should be innovative to generate the interest of the audience. The content and ad copies that you were working with before & during COVID-19 will not work for marketing after the crisis. So, you have to strategize and experiment with new content and advertisements to work with after COVID-19.

Personalize responses –

To achieve effective channels, your Inbound and Email marketing must be relevant. You must conduct customer interviews, surveys, market research, or customer feedback by other means to gather data and information about the changing scenarios in the business world and customer behaviors. You must personalize responses and establish effective communication.

Choose the best set of tools to work with –

You must select and deploy effective Social Media Management tools that can help you to connect with your audience on a one-to-one basis and amplify your engagement.

These include –

Advertising tools – you will need advertising tools to maximize your social media marketing outcomes.

Customer Service tools – You will need customer service tools to enable your company to provide steady and smart responses to the needs of the consumers with historical data.

Collaborative tools – You will need Collaborative tools to amplify workforce productivity, franchise, and engagement.

Strategize for Remarketing –

If you have continued to curate new and engaging content through the outbreak, you have probably built up a considerable audience.

Innovative and personalized campaigns that are relevant and based on CRO will be necessary and your performance marketing must be conversion focused. The competition will be intense post the crisis and it will be necessary for you to be more robust and creative in your approach towards performance with real-time optimization capacities and dynamic scorecards. So, your work is to strategize a remarketing plan to work with post COVID-19.

Maximize your ROI –

Your goal is to connect with the right audience, maximize the ROI of digital, respond with relevant messages, and call to actions. Your performance strategy must be designed to formulate and develop a brand, consumer experience and business, so you cannot exclusively focus on just short-term conversion results, but you have to think about the long term engagement and business route and plan accordingly.

Change creates opportunity.

Since COVID-19 has brought a huge change in the business world and consumer interests, you have to accept it and look forward to beneficial opportunities. And all you have to do is be proactive enough to grab that opportunity. Strategize smartly, communicate more with customers to understand their needs and queries, re-evaluate your marketing budget and try to be resourceful, and be quick to make changes to merge with the changing business scenarios. Finally, keep calm and take care of your health now, as it would help to maximize your productivity in the future.