9 Proven Tips To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

9 Proven Tips To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

9 Proven Tips To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

The idea of Twitter was cultivated in 2006 primarily due to the expensive rates of SMS. Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey initially imagined it as a communication platform based on SMS, where friends could keep tabs on what the individuals were doing based on their status updates, but without direct texting.

The popularity of Twitter heightened with the increase of users and soon it became a platform not just for communication with friends but for brands and businesses to market their products and services.

Why it matters for businesses to have a presence on Twitter?

Today with over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter has emerged as one of the lookouts among all the Social Media platforms.


When it comes to discovery, Twitter is the #1 platform where 26% more time is spent by people to view ads than any other leading social media platforms. All this makes Twitter the best Social Networking site to benefit from for most businesses and marketers.

In this article, we are going to discuss what Twitter engagement is, what type of content can give brands more Twitter followers, and some tips to increase someone’s engagement and Click-Through-Rates on Twitter.

Twitter Engagement – What is that?

When people connect with the content that one posts via tweets, it’s called Twitter engagement. The engagement on Twitter, that is, to send inquisitive, engaged traffic to the site is one of the main purposes for posting.

The different ways in which customers can interact with someone’s content includes –

a) Favourite the tweet

b) Retweet the tweet

c) Respond to the tweet

d) Mention the individual or the brand in a separate tweet

e) Click the link – this can be categorized under CTR and engagement

Promote engagement on Twitter

Here are some of the general statistics one should know before engaging in Twitter and learning to boost engagement and CTRs on Twitter for Business.

a) 24 minutes is the half-life of a tweet, that is, half the engagement that one gets will be earned in less half an hour.

b) Studies show that Tweets that have GIFs earn an extra engagement of 55% than those without it.

c) Tweets accompanied by video draw in 10x more engagement than posts without visual aspects.

d) Videos spanning the length of 15 seconds or less have the most Twitter engagement.

Choose the Right Content for a better Twitter Engagement

The type of content that one posts are their representation on Twitter. Whatever the type of content one chooses, it has to help their traffic and branding more than the content of other types.

Some tips to grow a Brand or Business on Twitter:

1. Follow other People

One has to outreach first on Twitter to gain the necessary audience.

How to outreach?

Well, fo starters one can just Follow relevant people and also add on the list some Twitter accounts that can help them to gain engagement.

But being greedy and following everyone’s Twitter handle may not be the best idea as it can be difficult to keep up with all the tweets. So one should think carefully and practically before following people.

2. Cater according to the Audience

This stands true not only for Twitter but for other social media platforms too. Whatever the type of content one posts on their social media handle should be directly related to their audience.

As for Twitter, studies show that almost 40% of all Twitter users stand under the age of 30, which makes the average Twitter audience younger than the Facebook audience. One should understand these statistics in order to post relevant content for their brand or business on Twitter.

3. Quotes or Questions – Which is better to Boost one’s Twitter Engagement?

Tweets with questions get more replies while those with quotes get more retweets.

So it depends on the Brand or Business that whether they want to engage their followers by creating a conversation or they want to gain more audience on Twitter by getting their posts retweeted.

Bonus tip – Image-based quotes besides getting retweets can also help a Brand to circulate their Logo in the market and improve the brand’s recognition.

4. Shorter posts get more re-tweets

Re-tweets on Twitter is an immediate way to get more exposure and engagement. Besides posting engaging content that has both visual aspects and relatable expression, the length of the post can also increase one’s Twitter engagement.

Studies have shown that posts shorter than 100 characters, or between 70 and 110 characters, get 17% higher engagement on Twitter. So one should aim for a post within this range of characters to get more re-tweets.

5. Retweet relevant Tweets

Retweeting can be considered as a form of engagement in Twitter as it helps the brand or individual to gain value among most users.

Retweeting not only helps a brand to carry its content to that users’ audience but also evokes reciprocity that gets other users to retweet and shares the brand’s content.

6. Respond to other’s Tweets

A brand should do their best to respond in some way when a user tweets to them. It can be very challenging especially if the brand or business has a huge Twitter engagement but this small effort of being personal and responding can go a long way in building trust among the audience.

7. Memes and Twitter do not go well together

People do not usually post memes on Twitter. There is no rule barring people from tweeting memes, but they just do not gain that audience to be considered beneficial for a brand or business.

So marketers should stay away from using memes on Twitter because even if they generate traffic, it’s quality would be too poor to create relevant conversions.

8. Use Ads on Twitter

Twitter Ads can be a good way to create quick and better engagement.

Advertise your business on Twitter

Though Twitter Ads can be expensive, they bring in more engagement and can be particularly helpful for businesses that are new and do not have many followers because users have found that the click-through rates on Twitter are superior.

9. Use Hashtags in Tweets

Twitter, just like Instagram, values the usage of Hashtags.

Boost your Tweets with Hashtags

Hashtags not only offer the benefit of assisting a relevant audience to find a brand but can also increase engagement when people search the hashtag that the brand is using.

Building followers and presence on Twitter or any social media platform takes dedication and time. We hope these strategies and techniques can help some brands to increase their Twitter engagement effectively with more clicks, heightened brand awareness and better conversions.