7 most effective ways to use Facebook for Marketing

7 most effective ways to use Facebook for Marketing

7 most effective ways to use Facebook for Marketing

With more than 26.3% of the worldwide online population and over 60 million active business pages, Facebook has become one of the largest markets among all social media platforms for businesses of all scales and types to target their audience. Originally invented as an online spot for friends to connect and share, Facebook has grown into a venue for companies to market their products through interaction with customers and self-promotion. It is indeed one of the reigning champs of the Social Media Platforms.

Promote your Business with Facebook

Here we will look at the ways one can use Facebook for Business and Marketing and how to feature one’s posts more often on the Facebook feed of their audience.

1. Set the Basics and Get the Facebook Page to the Top

One’s handles on Social Media platforms should be smartly constructed so that their page could be easily found. The factors which play a key role in this are the Facebook page name, its Username, it’s About’ section and its Description. Also, one should take into account all the Facebook metrics which rule the visibility of the page.

a) Use only industry-specific Keywords.

b) “Publish” the Page.

c) Index the Facebook page with Google.

d) Feature more pictures in the post, as Facebook is designed to feature more pictures than links.

 It has been specified by Facebook that pictures with links stand a lower chance to get featured than the ones without it. So, one should avoid using links as much as possible.

e) Research suggests that keeping the character count for the captions for Facebook posts to 40 or fewer characters ensures optimal engagement.

f) Introduce contests, giveaways and puzzles, and keep experimenting with the content to engage more audience. (This stands true for Facebook as well as other social media platforms)

2. Be insanely specific about the Target Audience

Ad targeting comes in super-sophisticated levels and is one of the main things that make Facebook Marketing exciting.

After dedicating time and resources to analyze the customer base on Facebook, one has to go after the people who are most probable to be interested in their products or services, and also make sure that those are visible.

Promote content with Facebook Ads

3. Already have Leads on Facebook? Target them!

Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature allows one to target the leads that one has captured from newsletter signup or other lead generating efforts on other social media platforms, or perhaps a group of one’s current customers that they are trying to upsell.

One can upload a list of emails right into Facebook and then show the audience the ads that are crafted in a personalized way for them.

4. Generate Revenue by Creating Relevant Audience

One can clone their top-performing Facebook audience after acquiring enough data.

The Lookalike Audience feature on Facebook allows one to take an audience they already have and expand their reach by discovering new leads that have parallel attributes. So one can almost clone their best customers.

Lookalike Audience Feature on Facebook.

5. Humanize the Brand on Facebook and Use Emojis

Facebook was originally built for people. That is, its intent was interaction among friends and not the advertisement for businesses, and marketers should not forget that.

Brands can use their Facebook Business Page to show the motive behind their brand and use emojis to relate and connect better with their audience.

Use emojis to connect better with the Audience

AdWeek has shown that 92% of online users use emojis and feel emojis convey their sentiments more accurately than words. So, one can use emojis in their Facebook marketing posts to add personality to their text.

6. How to Increase Likes on the Facebook Page

One’s content on Facebook may interest people, they may share it too, but due to any reason, they may not see that LIKE Button. So apart from posting good content to get more likes, Businesses have to take care and make sure to give adequate opportunities to their audience who are their potential customers, to press that LIKE Button.

a) Brands should use Facebook’s Page Plugin on their Website.

b) Promote the Facebook page on other Social Networking Websites.

c) Make a Facebook Page that is Industry-Specific to engage the audience.

Increase Likes on the Posts

d) Facebook Live Sessions draw more audience. So one should come out of their closet and interact with their audience on Facebook and other social networking websites to build their trust.

e) Studies show that 42% of people like a Business page on Facebook for coupons and discounts. So, one should provide them occasionally for an active Facebook audience.

7. Pay to Promote the Best Content on Facebook

One should check occasionally which of their content on Facebook is resonating more with their audience in terms of shares, comments and other metrics to know engagement. All this knowledge and data can be used to decide where to focus the promotion budget. Then one can put some money behind their best content to give it more exposure.

These are some key factors that one should focus on while marketing their products or services on Facebook or any other social media site. We hope some of this information will be helpful for a business, and they can use it to market their brand and content effectively on Facebook.