6 Effective Ways To Improve Marketing With Chatbots

6 Effective Ways To Improve Marketing With Chatbots

6 Effective Ways To Improve Marketing With Chatbots

The most significant way by which companies can improve their brand presence and conversion rates is via customer interaction. Any type of customer interaction that a business has, whether it is through one’s website, social media platforms, emails, calls, or direct walking in, is a conversation. But there are limits to human work efficiency and no matter how good one’s customer service department is, loopholes would always remain. This is where chatbots come to use.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot or bot is a software application that simulates a natural human conversation via text or text-to-speech, in place of providing direct contact with a live human agent. A chatbot is an automated system of communication that can help brands and businesses to get closer to consumers.

Why should we use Chatbots?

AI automation has started to play a big role in the industry. And what makes it even more indispensable is that it works 24/7! Studies show that 64% of internet users find 24-hour service as the most promising feature of chatbots. By implementing this automation brands can always be available to their consumer base.

Chatbots can also speed interaction which leads to greater customer satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that in an emergency 37% of people use a customer service bot to get a quick answer. One can also move traffic a little bit quicker down the funnel from a sales prospect to a customer. These are the kind of things where a consumer would normally have to wait for a human to respond. But with the help of bots, these kinds of issues can be resolved instantly.

Improve Customer Service with Chatbots

Here we are going to look into a few ways by which businesses can improve their marketing with the use of chat bots and also increase their ROI.

1. Use chatbots to qualify the traffic

Businesses can use chat bots to qualify and segment the traffic on their site. By using bots to communicate with the visitors and getting to know the motive of their visit, brands can offer help or direct those visitors to the segments of the site or the products which are more likely to interest them. This not only saves time of the visitors and help to retain their interest but also helps brands to quickly turn interested visitors into leads.

2. Use chatbots to gain Insights

Brands can use chat bots to gain insights on customers and increase their engagement by knowing the common friction points. Businesses can check their customer support log and current time chat log and then use bots to productively engage with consumers and answer their questions immediately based on the gathered information.

Chatbots as virtual assistant
Use Chatbots as virtual assistant

3. Use chatbots for faster payment processing

After the satisfaction of all the queries when customers finally decide to buy a product, it would be convenient for them if the businesses keep a payment module within the chatbot to speed up the transaction procedure. A payment module or a site like Paytm, Google Pay, and so on, within the chatbot not only speeds up the traffic but also helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Use Chatbots for faster Transaction

4. Use chatbots to increase Repeat Business

Businesses should use chatbots to keep their customer updated with their order and implore for further engagement via various social media platforms. Brands should ask their consumers for reviews, notify them about their new products and update them about the new proceedings in the product that they already bought or searched for. This boosts engagement and helps in the increase in sales.

5. Activate and Inbound users for SaaS

Businesses should use chatbots to steer users, whether new or old, for an improved experience by prompting actions or things that most users would normally do. Brands should use bots to show videos, engage them with questions and resources to lead people through the site. This delivers a seamless customer experience and helps in conversions.

Assist users with chatbots

6.  Use Chatbots to increase sales

Brands should use chatbots to gather information about the users through various schemes like quizzes, questioners, giveaway contests and so on and use that data to suggest products or services that the customer might be interested in. There should not be any violation of the privacy of the customers but businesses can utilize the collected data to recommend and endorse more products to the consumers.

Assist users with chatbots

So these are some of how chatbots can be used by brands to increase sales, boost engagement and so on. We hope that some companies can gain some insights from the above points and utilize chatbots to grow their businesses to new heights.

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